Stripe Integration
Connect Stripe with your Zeeg account, and then you can automatically get paid when an event is scheduled.
By integrating Stripe with Zeeg, you can easily get paid for the time offered to the invitees. Zeeg will accept credit or debit card payments across your one-on-one, group, and collective events.

How to integrate Stripe with Zeeg

1. Click on your name at the top right and select Integrations.
2. Click on Stripe.
3. Click on Connect with Stripe. You will be then redirected to log in to your Stripe account or create one.
4. After a successful connection with Stripe, you will be automatically returned to Zeeg and see the integration information.

How to collect payments for events

5. Go to Dashboard and find the scheduling page you'd like to collect payments for; click on the pencil button.
6. Click on Accept Payments.
7. Check Collect payments for events of this scheduling page.
8. Enter the amount your invitee has to pay when scheduling an event.
9. Select the currency.
10. Enter any conditions that the invitee should know about the payment, such as cancellation and refund terms.
When you leave the Payment terms empty, Zeeg by default shows the following message to your invitee: "For queries about payment terms, e.g. refunds, please contact {your name}."
Now the payment price is shown on the scheduling page and the meetings are only scheduled when the invitee's payment is successful.