Hosting group events with multiple invitees

A group event is a one-to-many scheduling page—one Zeeg host to many invitees. Group events are helpful when you want multiple invitees to attend an event at once, such as classes or webinars.
Creating a Group scheduling page is very similar to creating a One-on-one scheduling page, but it introduces the concept of "attendees".

1. From dashboard, click on Create a scheduling page.

2. Click on Group events.

3. Enter a title for your group event.

4. Enter the duration of your group event.

5. Enter the number of attendees that can schedule the same timeslot and join one specific event.

For example, if you set this number to 8, then up to 8 attendees can book a single time slot. This means that 8 attendees could book a webinar at 4 p.m.

6. Select the location of the event that all the attendees will join.

10. Click on Next and then you can define your availability for the group event as usual with other types of scheduling pages.

If it's a one-off group event, such as a webinar on a specific date and time, you can set Custom Hours for the availability, remove the availability of all days, and Add date override for a specific date and time.

11. Finally, enable your scheduling page.

Changing the capacity of a scheduled group event