Sharing your scheduling QR code

Learn how to share your Zeeg scheduling link with a QR code.

If you're organizing an event, running a booth at a conference, or have a billboard, you may want to make it simple for attendees to book appointments with you.

If you find yourself in such situations, you have the option of utilizing the QR code on your scheduling page to:

  • show it on a big standing screen

  • use stickers that show your QR code

  • show the QR on your phone for others to scan it

  • show the QR code on a billboard

  • print the QR code and show it at the registration to the reception desk

Locate your scheduling QR code

  1. Browse to your Zeeg Dashboard.

  2. Find the scheduling page you want the QR code for.

  3. In the opened box, select the QR Code tab to view the QR code for that scheduling page.

  4. You can right-click on the QR code and then simply copy or save it as an image.

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