How to prefill invitee information on the scheduling page

When you send your Zeeg scheduling link or post it on your site, Zeeg can automatically display the invitee's title, name and email on the scheduling page.

When you share your Zeeg scheduling link with an individual or embed it on your website, Zeeg can automatically show personalized details of your invitee on your scheduling page form, such as their title, full name, first name, last name, and email, tailored specifically for each invitee.

Prefilling information with query parameters

  1. Either copy your Zeeg link or locate the scheduling page you wish to share on your Zeeg dashboard and click on Copy Link.

  2. Next, paste this link into your preferred medium, such as an email, SMS application, or a text editor.

  3. If your link does not include a variable, append a "?" at the end of the link. This character begins the information string that accompanies your link.

  4. Skip to step 6 if your link already contains a variable or a value. Note: Sometimes, we add the current month and year to your link, ensuring invitees land on the appropriate month on the event scheduling page. For a detailed list of variables, refer to "Information you can prefill in your Zeeg link".

  5. Append a variable name (the type of information you wish to include) followed by its corresponding value (the user's information).

  6. To add more variables, use "&" followed by additional variable names and their values.

  • Prefilling full name and email: Herz&

  • Prefilling first name, last name, and email:

  • Prefilling title, first name, last name, and email:

The following variables are currently supported for prefilling the invitee's information, but we'll add support more variables such as questions' answers, soon.


Add title=ms to the URL to prepulate your invitee's title.


The "name" variable, usually used as full name, can be prefilled by adding name=Julia Herz to the URL.

First Name

Add first_name=Julia to the URL to prepulate your invitee's first name.

Last Name

Add last_name=Herz to the URL to prepulate your invitee's last name.

Answers to questions

For the answer to each of your questions, please add a immediately followed by the number of the question (as can be seen in your Zeeg dashboard when defining the questions), followed by = and immediately followed by the answer.

To select multiple answers for Checkbox questions, separate the answers with a comman (,).

Example: a1=answer to question number 1&a2=Productivity,Marketing


To preselect a location, add location= followed by one of the options below depending on the location settings of your scheduling page:

  • Google Meet: google_meet

  • Microsoft Teams: microsoft_teams

  • Microsoft Skype: microsoft_skype

  • Whereby: whereby

  • Zoom: zoom

  • WhatsApp: whatsapp

  • Webex: webex

  • In Person location: in_person

    • If you have added multiple In Person locations, you can preselect a specific one similar to the following: in_person-2

  • Custom location: custom

    • If you have added multiple In Person locations, you can preselect a specific one similar to the following: custom-2

  • Phone Call:

    • Invite should call you, i.e. you have set your phone number as a location: phone_call

    • Invite should provide phone number for you to call: simply add the invitee's phone number without +; for example: location=491761234578

How to prefill invitee information when embedding Zeeg?

To dynamically embed Zeeg in your webpage, initiate an on-demand inline embed using JavaScript. This method enables you to control when the embed appears, such as after certain user actions are performed or once you've gathered data for pre-populating the booking form.

  1. Add a div element to your webpage, assigning it a unique ID. You also need to incorporate the Zeeg JavaScript file into your website.

  2. Next, execute this API call, ensuring you replace the placeholder text with your actual div ID.

Below is a comprehensive example demonstrating the entire process:

    <!-- Zeeg inline embed begins -->
    <div class="zeeg-inline-widget" id="sample_div_id" style="min-width: 320px; height: 780px"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
        url: '',
        parentElement: document.getElementById('sample_div_id'),
        prefill: {
          firstName: 'John',
          lastName: 'Doe',
          email: '',
          answers: {
            a1: 'Somewhat',
            a2: 'Yes',
          location: 'google_meet',
        utm: {},
    <!-- Zeeg inline embed ends -->

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