Customize your event confirmation page

Learn how to redirect your invitees to a custom page with your desired content or questions and how to send event information to the redirected page.

After scheduling an event through Zeeg, your invitees are directed to a confirmation page that displays the event details. However, as a Zeeg subscriber, you can automatically redirect your invitees to another website or customize the confirmation page with your own content. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to customize the event confirmation page and redirect invitees to a custom URL.

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How to Customize the Event Confirmation Page?

  1. Navigate to the Confirmation Page tab when creating or editing a scheduling page.

  2. Check the "Redirect the invitee to your custom URL when the event is scheduled" box and add the URL of your custom page to the provided box.

  3. Optionally, check the "Append event details to the redirected URL" box to add event details, such as event name, start/end time, guest list, etc., to the end of the URL.

  4. After making the desired changes, click Save to update the Confirmation Page settings.

What information can you send through a redirect URL

You can send various information related to the scheduled event through a Redirect URL, including event name, start/end time, guest list, etc. A developer can also add a list of custom information to the redirect URL. See "Information you can send in the Redirect URL" in our article for more details.

Upgrade to Zeeg Professional or higher to access this feature and take advantage of custom confirmation pages and redirect URLs. A web developer can help you maximize this feature by creating custom Thank You pages or tracking site usage and conversions.

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