Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar with Zeeg to automatically track availability, update your schedule, and let Zeeg smartly book appointments.

Zeeg's integration with Google Calendar enhances productivity by allowing Zeeg to learn your availability and update your calendar with new events. This integration is part of Zeeg's broader support for various calendar systems including Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Apple iCloud calendars.

Connecting Google Calendar to Zeeg

  1. Click on your name at the bottom left and select Calendar Connections.

  2. Select the "+ Google account".

  3. This action redirects you to Google for account sign-in and authorization of required permissions for Zeeg. Ensure you grant Zeeg the required permissions, particularly the two calendar access permissions.

Preventing conflicts with Google Calendar events

By default, when you connect your Google calendar account with Zeeg, the primary calendar of that account will be checked for conflicts.

You can customize which calendars Zeeg checks for conflicts. This is particularly useful if you have multiple calendars within your Google account.

  1. Under Calendar Connections, find your Google calendar and click on "Edit". This will open the list of calendars which your account has access to learn its busy times.

  2. Choose the calendars you want Zeeg to check to avoid scheduling conflicts and then click on Save.

Note that Google Calendar's "holiday" events marked as "Free" won't be considered as unavailable times.

Which Google calendar events block your time?

Zeeg recognizes times marked as Busy in your Google Calendar as unavailable. These times are blocked and will be automatically excluded from your Zeeg scheduling page.

You can define smart "Overbooking" rules for Zeeg to consider some of your busy events as available.

Can selecting a Google Calendar block all my available times?

If you have "all-day" events in your Google calendar with "busy" status, those events will block all times of the particular days that they are scheduled for, and hence your scheduling page won't show available appointment slots during those days.

Add scheduled events to Google Calendar

When events are scheduled through Zeeg, they can be automatically added to your Google Calendar.

By default, when you connect your Google calendar account with Zeeg, the primary calendar is selected for new events.

To select a different calendar for your new scheduled events:

  1. Under the "Add to calendar" section, select your target calendar and click on Save.

You can override the setting above for a scheduling page and route its new events to a different calendar under the "Advanced Settings" of your personal scheduling pages.

Which calendars can be selected for adding new events?

New events scheduled by Zeeg can be only added to the calendars which you have the permission to "Make changes to events", and Zeeg will show you only such calendars.

This means that if you have a shared calendar in your Google calendar, but you don't see that as an option for adding new events, your Google account doesn't have the required permissions for that calendar.

Syncing cancellation from Google Calendar to Zeeg

Activating the "Syncing calendar cancellation" option means that deleting or declining an event in your Google calendar will also automatically cancel that event in Zeeg. This is also known as two-way calendar synchronization.

If you cancel a scheduled event through your Zeeg dashboard, or when your invitee cancels a scheduled appointment via the Zeeg cancellation link sent to them, the respective calendar event will be also marked as "Cancelled" on your calendar.

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