Hosting multiuser collective events

With collective events, you can create co-hosted multiuser events and let invitees pick a time when everyone is available.

Collective events are multi-user events that allow invitees to schedule a meeting with multiple organization users or members of your team at the same time.

Common scenarios for collective events are:

  • job interview co-hosted by a hiring manager, a team member, and possibly a recruiter.

  • customer support call co-hosted by an account manager and a support engineer

  • startup pitch meetings co-hosted by two co-founders

  • sales meeting co-hosted by a sales representative and an account manager

When building the available times, Zeeg will ensure that the times shown to the invitee won't conflict with any events already scheduled for hosts, whether in their Zeeg account or connected calendars.

The hosts of collective events can be one or more organization users or team members.


To create collective events scheduling pages, you must be in an organization.

  • Check with your colleagues if your company already has a Zeeg organization, and ask the organization owner to add you.

  • If that's not the case, you can create an organization company by following this guide.

Different types of collective events

There are two types of collective events in Zeeg:

Team collective events

Team collective events belong to a team and are hosted by one or more members of that team. These events can be created by the following roles:

  • Organization owner

  • Organization admins

  • Team managers

Team collective event scheduling pages are linked to teams, i.e. their link is addressed like, and hence they can show up on a team's Zeeg page if not hidden via Advanced Settings.

Learn more about team collective events here.

Shared collective events

Shared collective events can be co-hosted by one or more organization users, whether they are on the same team or not. These events do not belong to any teams and are created by any organization user.

The link for the scheduling page shared collective events is randomly generated by Zeeg and is addressed like

Learn more about shared collective events here.

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