Zapier Integration

Zapier allows you to connect your Zeeg account with 5000+ of apps, including Google Apps, Notion, CRMs, and more.

Zapier is a powerful automation service for creating workflow between different apps. For example, you could use Zapier to add a new row to Google Sheets anytime someone schedules an appointment or automatically post a new Slack message to a channel when a meeting is cancelled. This guide will walk through how to connect Zeeg to Zapier!

Zapier integration is available in the Business subscription.

How Zapier integration works

When someone schedules or cancels a Zeeg event with you, Zapier will trigger an action in your chosen app.

More specifically, you can trigger an action when the following events happen:

  • Event Scheduled: triggers when an invitee schedules an event.

  • Event Cancelled: triggers when an invitee cancels an event.

Zeeg accounts with an Organization

Zapier decides which Zeeg events to trigger based on your role in your Zeeg organization and the API key.

Zaps will trigger for the following events and roles:

  • Owner or admin: all scheduled events across your organization.

  • User: the events scheduled for the user.

Do not connect with an owner or admin API key if you don't want Zaps to fire for all events in your Zeeg organization.

How to integrate your Zapier account

1. Schedule a test event

  1. From your Zeeg dashboard, locate a scheduling page you'd like to test and click on its slug to open it.

  2. Fill out the invitee details, and select Schedule event to provide Zapier with invitee sample data.

2. Copy your unique API key

Find your unique Zeeg API key from Zapier Integration page in your Zeeg panel and copy it.

3. Create a Zap

  1. Log into your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

  2. Select Zeeg as your Trigger app and then choose the Trigger.

  3. Select the corresponding Action app and Action.

  4. Click Continue. When prompted, name your Zap and then enter your Unique API Key from step 2.

  5. At the Test trigger, select the invitee data from the test event you scheduled in Step 1.

The test invitee data is used to ensure your setup is correct. Zapier will pull the most recent non-cancelled event data when utilizing the Event Scheduled trigger.

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