Calendar Integration

Connect your calendar with Zeeg and let it learn when you're available, and update your calendar when new events are scheduled.

Connecting your Calendar accounts

If you have not connected any Calendar accounts after signing up and going through the wizard, or you'd like to check and update your calendar connection settings, you are at the right place.

Zeeg currently supports integration with

  • Google (Gmail and Workspace)

  • Microsoft (Live outlook and Office365)

  • Exchange (2013, 2016, and 2019) with EWS connection

  • Apple iCloud

  • CalDAV

Click on your name at the bottom left and select Calendar Connections.

To connect your Google calendar, click on Add Google account button.

You will be redirected to Google to sign in to your Google account and then authorize Zeeg for the required permissions.

Please ensure that the two Calendar access permissions are selected.^

Zeeg requests the least possible permissions compared to other scheduling services to provide you with a seamless, secure, and smart scheduling experience.

You can read about these permissions here.

Check for conflicts

By default, when you connect a calendar account with Zeeg, the primary calendar of that account will be checked for conflicts.

1. To edit and select which calendars will be checked for conflicts, click on Edit under each of your connected calendar accounts.

By checking a calendar for conflicts, Zeeg will see when you're busy and automatically remove busy times from your scheduling page.

2. Select any calendars you'd like Zeeg to check and prevent conflicts.

Google Calendar has built-in country Holiday calendars; however, the holiday events are set as Free, so they won't be considered unavailable.

6. Click on Save

Your availability from Google calendar event status

Zeeg considers you unavailable during events marked as Busy, and those times will not show on your scheduling page.

Add to calendar

Zeeg can add scheduled events to your calendar. This also means when you or your invitee cancel a Zeeg event, it will also be canceled on your selected calendar.

By default, when you connect a calendar account with Zeeg, the primary calendar of that account is selected for adding new events.

Zeeg only lists the calendars that your account has Write access to them.

1. Select your target calendar under the Add to calendar section from the right column on the page.

Note: By checking the Syncing calendar cancellation option, deleting or declining an event in your calendar will also cancel it in Zeeg.

2. In the end, click on the Save button.

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