Adding a passcode for your Zoom meetings

When hosting Zoom meetings, you can ensure that only authorized individuals can join with a Zoom passcode.

When hosting Zoom meetings, it's important to ensure that only authorized individuals can join. One way to do this is by enabling a passcode feature in your Zoom settings. With this feature, every Zoom meeting scheduled through Zeeg will automatically include a unique passcode in the link.

If you're on a Zoom Basic plan, passcodes are automatically enabled and locked. However, if you're on a paid Zoom plan, a Zoom owner or admin will need to enable and lock meeting passcodes for the entire account.

Follow these steps to add a passcode for Zoom meetings:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account at

  2. If you also want to require passwords for personal meeting ID (PMI), enable the option and select the lock icon.

  3. Select Enable.

By following these steps, all Zoom meetings scheduled through Zeeg will automatically require a passcode, adding an extra layer of security to your online meetings. To make it easier for your invitees, the passcode is encrypted in the Zoom meeting link, so the invitee can simply click on the link and join the meeting.

Please note that invitees will stay in a waiting room until the meeting host starts the meeting, and then all the attendees automatically join the meeting.

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