Creating your scheduling page

Let's update the sample Zeeg scheduling page

When you signed up, we automatically created a sample 30-Minutes Meeting 1:1 scheduling page on your Zeeg page. We'll walk you through some quick changes to make it work better for you.

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Click on the Edit button.

3. Change the sample title as you wish.

4. Change the Duration as desired.

5. Click on the location dropdown menu and select one or more locations.

By selecting the locations, Zeeg will automatically add the details to the event invitations. Please note that the online meeting locations such Google Meet or Zoom depend on integrations.

By selecting multiple locations, your invitee will be able to select the location they prefer when scheduling the event.

7. Personalize the scheduling page by selecting a color.

The selected color will be reflected on the main element of your scheduling page. You can either select a color from the existing palette or set a custom color by clicking on the color button.

8. Enter any details about the events that the invitee should note know when scheduling an event.

The link is the address you can share with your invitees so that they directly land on the scheduling page without going through your main Zeeg page.

10. Click on Save and you're ready to get scheduled!

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