Add users to your organization

By adding users to your organization, users will be able to join teams and host multiuser meetings.

Adding users to your organization is a crucial step in maximizing collaboration and productivity. In this article, you will learn the simple steps to add users to your organization, empowering them to access and utilize the features and resources within your organization's Zeeg account.

When a new user joins your organization, you automatically purchase a paid seat for that user in your organization.

1. Click on your name at the top right and select Your Organization.

2. Click on Add user

3. Now you have two options for adding new users to your organization

  • Invite link: The link allows anyone to join your organization.

    • If you refresh the Invitation link, the previous link is automatically revoked.

  • Email invitation: List your users' email addresses, separated by a comma (,), and then click on Send invitation button. Zeeg will email an invitation to them.

    • The user will be only to join your organization using the same email address you have invited them to.

    • You will be able to revoke an email invitation later from the Users page.

Users are by default assigned the user role. The organization owner can always change users' roles. You can learn about the organization-level roles here.

Each user in Zeeg can be only in one organization at the same time, but they can be a member of different teams and groups within the same organization.

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