Embedding Zeeg on your site

Integrating Zeeg with your site by embedding your Zeeg pages is a great way to keep the visitors on your website and let them easily schedule an appointment with you directly on your website.

Embedding your Zeeg scheduling page on your website

To embed your Zeeg scheduling page follow the steps below:

  1. From the opened box, choose Add to website.

  2. Click Copy code and then insert the code into your website.

To hide your profile picture, name, event duration, location, and description when embedding your scheduling page, select Hide details.

Customizing your embed

Customers who have a paid subscription can utilize additional color customization options such as background color, text color, and button and link color.

When you are satisfied with the modifications, simply copy the code to incorporate it into your webpage.

URL Redirect when embedding Zeeg in your website

When an invitee is scheduling a meeting with you on your website through the Zeeg embed, if you have enabled URL redirection for the confirmation page, the redirection by default happens inside the iFrame section and not the parent page.

If you want to redirect the parent page, add data-redirect-parent="true" to your embed script like the below:

<!-- Zeeg inline embed begins -->
<div class="zeeg-inline-widget" id="zeeg-embed-demo-hr-30min" style="min-width: 320px; height: 780px"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://assets.zeeg.me/embed.min.js" data-user="demo" data-event-type="hr-30min" data-redirect-parent="true" async></script>
<!-- Zeeg inline embed ends -->

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