Availability hours of a scheduling page

Learn how to define the availability hours for your scheduling pages.

By integrating your calendars, Zeeg can detect your availability and show only your free time to the clients to schedule a meeting. But you can also tell Zeeg what days and hours you want your meetings to be scheduled.

There are two ways through which you can define your availability for a scheduling page:

  • Use an existing schedule: Set your availability based on an existing availability schedule.

  • Custom hours: Define specific availability hours for the scheduling page.

Defining availability using Availability schedules

Click on Availability when creating or editing a scheduling page. On the top of the displayed page, you will be asked how you want to set your availability for this scheduling page. Choose the Use an existing schedule.

After tapping the button, you are asked what schedule you want to use. Select one of the options (it is set on working hours by default). The schedule is displayed in the Weekly hours box. After selecting the intended schedule, click on the Apply button.

You can edit an availability schedule under Availability Schedules.

You may want to use a particular Availability Schedule for your scheduling page, but with some changes. For instance, you might want to change your availability for just one scheduling page without impacting other scheduling pages that use the same availability schedule. In this case, choose the intended availability schedule, then select Custom hours. Now update the hours as desired and finally click on Save.

Notice that such a custom change in the schedule will not change the original availability schedule that could be used by other scheduling pages.

Defining custom hours for your scheduling page

Click on Availability when editing a scheduling page. A page will open where you must answer how you want to set your availability. Select the Custom hours button.

First, choose the time zone based on which you want to enter your availability.

Now you can define your availability in two ways:

  • List view: suitable for setting availability on a recurring weekly basis.

  • Calendar view: suitable for defining availability for one or several dates.

Defining availability using the List view

How to override your availability for a specific date?

With Date Overrides, you can override your availability for specific dates, i.e. have different availability on specific dates than your weekly hours, or maybe you want to completely prevent scheduling events on those specific dates. This is useful when your availability on a particular day differs from typical days. For example, you might be unavailable when you take a one-day trip or are invited to a ceremony and can’t be available at the usual time.

To define a date override:

  1. Click on + Add date override in the Date Overrides section.

  2. In the opened modal, choose the date.

  3. Define your available hours for that date

    • Or do not add any available hours and prevent scheduling on that specific date.

  4. Click on Apply Override.

  5. Click on Save schedule.

Defining availability using the Calendar view

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