Ask questions from invitees on your scheduling page

Collect more information about your invitees by creating custom questions for your scheduling page.

Your scheduling page automatically asks for your invitee's name and email. You can add additional questions to your booking page if you'd like to collect more information. The responses will be emailed to you and accessible via your Zeeg dashboard under Scheduled Events as well.

How to add additional questions to your scheduling page?

From the settings of your scheduling page, click on Event Questions.

By default, your booking page requires that each invitee enter their name and email address when they schedule with you so that event details can be shared automatically.

Click on + Add a question to add additional questions to your booking page.

You will be presented with a view like the one below.

  • Question: Enter your question in this field. There is a limitation of 255 characters for the question.

  • Required: If you check this option, the invitee must answer the question. Otherwise, they cannot book a meeting with you.

  • Active/Inactive: This option determines the status of the question; if it is Active, the question will be shown on your scheduling page.

  • Answer type: You can choose the type of answer that best suits the information you're collecting:

    • Single-line text: The invitee may enter a short reply (at most 255 characters).

    • Drop-down menu: You can define up to five options to be displayed as a drop-down menu. The guest must select only one option.

    • Checkboxes: You can define up to five checkboxes, and the invitee can select one or more.

    • Radio buttons: You can define up to five options, and the invitee may select only one option.

    • Multiline text: The invitee may enter a long passage (up to 1000 characters).

After creating the question and choosing the type of answers, click on Save questions.

How to edit the event questions?

To edit a question and its options, click on the pencil button.

Reordering the appearance of questions on your scheduling page

Simply drag the questions using the handle shown beside the question's number.

How to view the invitee's responses?

When someone schedules with you, Zeeg automatically includes their responses in the notification email sent to you.

The responses are also stored for you to view in the Event Details. You can access that either from the link emailed to you or by visiting the Scheduled Events page and clicking on the details button of each event.

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