Collect consent for your appointments with custom Event Questions

Learn how to use Event Questions for collecting privacy policy consent from your customers when booking a meeting.

Event Questions are a powerful feature within your scheduling tool that enable you to gather additional information from your invitees as they book an appointment. More importantly, these questions can be utilized to secure consent from your invitees for various agreements, such as subscribing to your mailing list or accepting your service policies.

  1. Navigate to the Event Questions section on any of your scheduling pages, and add a new question.

  2. Include a link to your privacy policy in the question.

  3. Add a checkbox for them to tick, indicating their acceptance.

  4. Make sure to set this question as 'Required', compelling invitees to give their consent before finalizing their booking.

Once an appointment is scheduled, you'll receive an email notification that includes the invitee's consent, ensuring you have a record of their agreement.

Additionally, you can access a copy of their consent directly from the Scheduled Events page in your dashboard. Here, you'll find detailed event information and any other data you've requested from your invitees.

This approach not only streamlines the consent process but also keeps you compliant with data protection regulations.

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