Defining your available times

Learn how to define your availability hours on Zeeg. Two ways available: creating availability schedules or setting custom hours for a scheduling page. Get started now!

With Zeeg, your calendar availability is taken into consideration by default. However, you can further refine your availability by setting up your available hours.

You have two options to define your available hours for your scheduling pages:

  • creating availability schedules

  • setting custom hours

Both methods will ensure that your scheduling pages only allow appointments to be booked during your designated available hours.

To help you understand the difference between the two options and how to use them, we have created two separate articles that detail each option.

Creating Availability Schedules

If you have multiple scheduling pages and want to apply the same availability hours to all of them, creating an availability schedule is the best option for you. This method allows you to define the availability hours once and apply them to as many scheduling pages as you like.

pageHow to create an availability schedule

Setting Custom Hours for a Scheduling Page

If you only have one scheduling page or want to define specific availability hours for one of your scheduling pages, setting custom hours is the best option for you.

pageAvailability hours of a scheduling page

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