Meta Pixel Integration

Connect your organization's Meta Pixel ID to Zeeg to track engagements with your Zeeg pages.

You can connect your organization's Meta Pixel ID to Zeeg to track how invitees engage with your organization's Zeeg pages for all your users and teams.

Zeeg will send details about all your visitor’s actions when an invitee

  • visits any of your Zeeg pages

  • clicks on any of the social links

  • visits any scheduling page in your organization

    • selects a date

    • selects a time

    • schedules a meeting

To add Meta Pixel to your Zeeg pages, you must have a Business subscription. Learn about Zeeg pricing here.

How to add your Meta Pixel ID to Zeeg

1. Click on your name at the top right and select Integrations.

2. Click on Meta Pixel.

3. Enter your Meta Pixel ID into the indicated field and then click on Save.

4. In your Meta Events section, activate and send test traffic to your pixel to ensure it’s working. Note: It may take a few minutes for events to show in the FB Event Manager, even after sending test traffic in the Test Events tab.

5. To confirm your pixel is working, you can also:

  1. Add the Meta Pixel Helper extension to your Google Chrome browser (it's only available in Chrome). For more details, view About the Meta Pixel Helper.

  2. Visit your Zeeg page or your scheduling page. The Pixel Helper popup will show any errors as you navigate the page.

Track events and conversions

When you have integrated the Meta Pixel ID, Zeeg will track all events for your Zeeg organization and reports the visitor actions as an event.

When an invitee…The event will be reported

visits Zeeg pages


clicks on social links


visits scheduling pages


selects a date


selects a time


schedules a meeting


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