Google Analytics Integration
Connect your organization's Google Analytics properties to Zeeg to track engagements with your Zeeg pages.
You can connect your organization's Google Analytics (GA) properties to Zeeg to track how invitees engage with your organization's Zeeg pages for all your users and teams.
Zeeg will send details about all your visitor’s actions to Google Analytics when an invitee
  • visits any of your Zeeg pages
  • clicks on any of the social links
  • visits any scheduling page in your organization
    • selects a date
    • selects a time
    • schedules a meeting.

Zeeg supports Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics currently offers Universal Analytics (UA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties. Using their tracking codes, you can connect either or both property types to Zeeg.
Property type
Tracking Code
Universal Analytics
Tracking ID
Google Analytics 4
Measurement ID
Google has announced that Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. You can prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property. Learn more.


To add Google Analytics tracking codes to Zeeg, you must be an organization owner.
  • If you are an individual user and aren't already in a Zeeg organization, you can create your organization from here and then return to this guide.
  • If you are not an organization owner, you can ask your organization's owner to follow this guide.

How to add your Google Analytics tracking code to Zeeg

Adding your Universal Analytics (UA) Tracking ID
Adding your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Measurement ID

Track events and conversions

When you have integrated the Google Analytics tracking code, Zeeg will track all events for your Zeeg organization and reports the visitor actions as an event to Google Analytics.
When an invitee…
The event will show in Google Analytics as…
visits Zeeg pages
clicks on social links
visits scheduling pages
selects a date
selects a time
schedules a meeting
Note that Google Analytics can take up to 24 hours to update event reports, but you can see live events in real-time. Consult Google’s About Real-Time (UA) or GA4 Realtime to learn more about it.

Track source, medium, and campaign with UTM parameters

By appending any of the UTM parameters to your Zeeg links, e.g. you can track
  • where the visitor is coming from, e.g. twitter (utm_source)
  • how the traffic is getting to you, e.g. social (utm_medium)
  • which campaign the traffic was generated by, e.g. DemoDay (utm_campaign)